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We are all athletes. Whether our game is family, career, community service, competitive sports, travel, playing with our children or grandchildren, or simply enjoying life to the fullest! Whatever we love to do - our performance on game day reflects our level of conditioning. How we train and what we practice.

That's why time at Physical Focus has a bigger and broader purpose than the training itself.

It's how we stay in the game.
It's how we raise the bar of our capabilities.
It's how in crunch-time, we are able to remain focused on what really matters most to us - our goals, values, relationships and commitments.

This is what Physical Focus is all about!
This is the passion behind why we train.
The purpose behind what and how we practice.

Far more than a gym, we are your COACH, TEAMMATE and TEAM!

We are your Coach.
We assess your strengths and imbalances, determine your practice schedule, and orchestrate your entire game plan. We educate, inspire and motivate you to show up, put in the effort, and achieve your goals.

We are your Teammate.
We practice with you, living and breathing what we teach. We don't expect you to do anything we don't do ourselves. Working together, we accomplish far more than we could ever do alone.

We are your Team.
As part of our Team, you'll experience a sense of belonging, and the energy, camaraderie and support of a like-minded community working toward similar values and goals. A friendly place where everybody knows your name, and understands that the success of the team hinges upon your success.

You are the Athlete!
Training for longevity, performance and whatever is most important to you in your game!
We are your Coach, your Teammate, and your Team. This is who we are. This is our commitment to you!

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Physical Focus is a private fitness studio providing Montecito and Santa Barbara with 24 Hour Gym Memberships, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Red Cord, Athletic Training, Nutrition, Group Exercise, Fitness Classes, Post Rehab and Senior Fitness.